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Pre-Engineered and Custom Design Walk-In Coolers

Carolina Cooler offers premium design walk-in coolers and freezers, pre-engineered and custom built in a variety styles, sizes and finishes, construction types include extruded polystyrene foam, foamed-in-place rail or “soft nose” panel construction for the best insulating values, and to meet your design layout specifications.

Pre-Engineered Walk-In Coolers
Soft Nose Foamed In Place Urethane Panels

Pre-engineered walk in coolers for a range of markets, including foodservice, convenience stores, environmental chambers, scientific incubators and more. 

Made with energy-efficient, foamed-in-place rail, “soft nose” construction, Walk-In coolers offer the best insulating values, resulting in maximum energy efficiency.

Walk-ins are engineered and constructed to suit a variety of individual needs. 

Custom  Walk-In Coolers
Custom walk-in coolers are engineered and constructed to suit a variety of individual needs. Wood-framed and high-density rail panels use polyurethane, foamed-in-place insulation allowing the design and construction of almost any configuration—length, width and height. Our wood frame rail thickness comes in 4” for coolers and 5½” for freezer applications, while our high-density rail is available in both 4” and 5” thickness variations.

a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes are available.