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Shipping & Delivery Options

We provide our customers several enhanced delivery options to assure their refrigeration equipment arrives undamaged and delivery schedules that best fits for your location.

Ordering equipment can be challanging with standard delivery and it can lead to additional manpower requirements, delivery delays, additional expences and damage.
The average shipping palette weight for a small to medium, walk-in coolers or freezers ranging anywhere from 1200 lbs. -2600 lbs and commercial refrigerators and freezers can range between 200 lbs - 800 lbs.

Additional enhanced shipping & delivery options are available but not included with standard delivery.

We offer on-site manpower for unloading, local temporary indoor warehouse storage due to contractor delays, common carrier transfers and on-site fork-lift for limited parking or distant unloading areas 
to assure your equipment is safely unloaded and placed ready for installation.