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Preventative Equipment Maintenance

Quarterly or semi-annual equipment maintenance & inspections programs include:

24/7 emergency service

Priority service for plan customers

Better system performance and reliability

Preferred pricing on critical products, parts, and services

When it comes to reliability of your commercial refrigeration and food service equipment preforming required maintenance ​​​is a crucial factor.

Failure to properly maintain your equipment will almost always lead to costly repairs and loss of product.

A preventative maintenance program can prolong the life of your ​​​equipment, minimize untimely breakdowns, correct safety issues, optimize performance and reduce operating costs.

​Most leading manufactures require that preventative maintenance to be preformed on a regular basis as a condition of their warranty statement and failure to do so may void your equipment warranty. 
Problems caused by failure to maintain equipment

Increased operational cost

Burnt wiring and overheating due to increased amp draw

Failure of fan motors caused by dirty coils

Failure of thermostat due to increased amp draw

Failure of compressor due to dirty coils

Decreases Strain On Fan Motors

Restriction of metering device caused by overheated & damaged refrigerant oil 

and more!

Benefits of routine maintenance

Reduced electrical consumption

Less equipment breakdown

Lower service and repair costs

Longer equipment life

Fresher product

Reduced product spoilage​

Decreases chance of emergency service due to neglect

and more!​​