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Anchoring & Tie-Down Systems for Coastal Areas

 Walk-In coolers and freezers within coastal flood zones or flood-prone areas of South Carolina and Georgia may require anchoring and tie down system to be installed. Outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers in these zones must be adequately anchored to prevent flotation, collapse, or lateral movement.

Anchor Options

Concrete Anchor w/Threaded Rod #MIT2

This anchor is designed to be inserted through a 3/4” hole drilled or formed into an existing concrete slab.
J Rod Concrete Anchor #MIJ2

The J Rod Concrete Anchor is designed to be installed into a concrete slab at the time the concrete is being poured.

Double Head Concrete Slab Anchor with Expansion Bolt # MICS2
This anchor is designed to be bolted to an expansion sleeve in an existing concrete slab.
Deep Set Earth Anchor/Stabilizer ​#59092G

Combines the earth anchor and stabilizer plate into one installation step. Large stabilizing disc 7” x 1-5/8” sets faster in hard ground with 4 digging points. 


Tie Down Marked & Certified Galvanized Strapping - #G60

1-1/4” X .035” or larger steel strapping conforming to ASTM D3953-97, standard specifications for strapping, flat steel and seals. Type 1, Grade 1, Finish B, with a minimum total capacity of 4,725 lbs. and a working capacity of 3,150 lbs.\