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Walk-In Replacement Floors
Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

 After years of product impacting, everyday foot traffic, shelving and rolling pan racks, walk-in floor panels may start to deteriorate and progress to panel seperation or seam rolling.

Seam rolling can result from compaction of insulation, moisture saturated insulation, possible breakdown of material, excessive impact, or loading floors beyond design weight loads.

The options are limited when a walk-in reaches this point, you can either (1) replace the entire walk-in. (2) Disassemble and replace floor panels (3) remove damaged floor materials in your existing walk-in and install a new custom drop-in floor system.

Replacement Floor Construction

When a floor replacement is required, our custom replacement drop in floor panels are 4 5/8” thick with 4” of insulation. Our replacement floors panels are designed and manufactured to support uniformly distributed loads up to 800 pounds per square foot. For heavier load applications, Carolina Cooler offers a extra duty floor with additional reinforcement and a 2nd layer of 5/8” plywood underlayment.

Insulation is “foamed-in-place” polyurethane. Our panels exceed all minimum requirements of the Department of Energy for K-Factor and R-Valves. Insulation has a 98% closed-cell structure and average in-place density of 2.0 - 2.2 lbs. per cubic foot.

Cam Locks
Cam-action locking devices are precisely positioned in the floor panels to insure a positive joint. The locking devices consist of cam-action rotating locking arms in the tongue edge. The locking arms engage a steel rod which is rmly anchored in the groove edge. This action draws all joints tightly together for excellent strength and a tight seal.


​SCDHEC compliant corner trim provides a positive sealing point between your existing walk-in and your new custom drop-in replacement floor panels. Our 90 degree edge trim design with upper and lower with dove tails provide the perfect finish look.