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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance agreements are designed to meet our client's operational needs and maintain their equipment in top working order.​​ Schedule preventative maintenance can prolong the life of food service equipment, minimize untimely breakdowns, correct safety issues and optimize performance and costs.
"Preventative Maintenance" is a term use to possibly reduce failures and associated cost of repairs. If equipment not maintained as suggested by manufactures or the location of the equipment environment is causing unsatisfactory performance it usually cost more than a good Preventative Maintenance program.
Whether it’s a commercial refrigeration, food service equipment solution, emergency repair, maintenance or installation issues, Carolina Cooler provides our client's with exclusive day and after hour emergency service backed by a local reputation with over 30 years of experience.
With our exclusive service, we know your equipment and you don't have to hunt for a technician if you experience equipment trouble. We make it our business to keep your equipment operational.

Problems caused by failure to maintain your refrigeration equipment

Increased operating bills

Over heated wiring

Failure of fan motors caused by dirty or obstructed coils

 Thermostat control failure due to age, moisture or blub location

Failure of compressor due to high head pressures or restrictions

TXV Superheat setting causing slow recovery of holding temperatures

Broken or damaged doors

Bad gaskets or seals causing longer runtimes 

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Reduced operation cost

Fixed Service Rates - No Overtime or After hours

Priority Service - Days, Nights & Weekends

Schedules Maintence Services

Increases life of equipment​

Lower service and repair costs

Reduced product spoilage

Visual Inspections during maintenance often identify developing problems and show sign of potiental failures

All refrigeration equipment manufactures require maintence at least every 90 days
Failure to maintain could void your equipment warranty

*Decreases chance of equipment failure due to poor maintenance


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