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Ice Machine Cleaning & Maintenance

Since it's cool and moist, an ice machine can be the ideal spot for bacteria and mold to form. The bacteria can be pink, eventually changing colors to red, green, brown and black. Ropes of slime hanging from the ice machine can potentially drop into customers' drinks

Cleaning an ice machine the right way is a time-consuming task that requires a great deal more than a quick wipe down.

There are many ways in which biofilm slime, mold or lime buildup can accumulate and go undetected. Aside from the health risks these conditions pose to your guests, these contaminates will bring a machine down in operating efficiency or even complete failure.

​Many times, maintenance of a commercial ice machine in a restaurant or other business is overlooked until floating objects or equipment performace in noticed..

There are a few simple procedures that can keep a commercial ice machine functioning properly and healthy.

Water filters are extremely important to extending the life of your machine and should be replaced every six months. 

A water filter performs three tasks:

 (1) Removes sediment from the water, keeping ice clean and clear in appearance.

 (2) Inhibits scale, which can build up in the machine over time and drastically reduce ice production.

(2) Removes odor and bad taste, keeping customers happy.

Although the filter may not appear to be blocked with sediment after six months, the scale inhibitor and carbon elements (which prevent odor and bad taste) are usually depleted and no longer effective.

Condenser Coil Maintenance

Cleaning commercial ice machine condenser coils is an essential part of preventive maintenance. Dirty coils shorten the life of the compressor and reduce ice production. Eventually a safety will cut the machine off to prevent further damage.

All of these issues can be avoided with a regular cleaned ice machine. 

Cleaning your condenser coils is part of a detailed cleaning process. Even long time customers have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars in service calls due to the preventative maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

​During a quarterly or simi anual scheduled maintenance, We disassemble the ice machine and individually clean every part and remove all stored ice from bin, After a thorough rinsing, we reassemble your machine and proceed to Sanitize the unit. Once the unit is cleaned and sanitized, our technician stays on site to observe several ice making cycles and if necessary, make any needed adjustments.

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