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The Costs and Benefits of Equipment Leasing

by Carolina Cooler, LLC

Purchasing new commercial refreration equipment can be expensive, especially if you're opening a brand new restaurant. Equipment leasing only requires a nominal starting cost (usually equivalent to two payments in advance), followed by monthly payments. You then have the option of retaining the equipment at the end of the term, or allowing the equipment to be picked up with no further obligation.

If your business is just starting out, you might want to go with more affordable equipment before you know how many customers you’ll have each day. If you lease this equipment, you can expand or replace equipment when business starts to pick up, without having to deal with selling the old equipment.

Many leasing companies allow you to rent-to-own, meaning that at the end of the lease, you can put the payments you’ve already made towards buying the equipment outright. This option is best for items that you plan to keep for the life of your business, but that you may not be able to afford to buy upfront.

Another leasing option you may choose, is to build additional equipment warranties, delivery and installation cost into your lease for one low monthly payment.

Leasing Can’t Cover All Costs

Some startups may see leasing as a way around having to finance their new business. But just because you can make the monthly payment on everything you want, doesn’t mean that everything you want is available for lease. For example, you can’t lease dinnerware, daily supplies, staff, building cost or retrofitting a space may require you to keep your capital available for these expenses and equipment leasing may provide you the best option for starting up your business.

​​Apply for the lease before placing your order, so you can see up front how much you’ll be approved for. Your personal credit history, payment history, and the age of your business are factors that will affect your consideration for approval.

Getting new equipment for your restaurant is an investment, so weighing your options is important. Whether you decide to lease your equipment or buy it outright, contact us for great deals!