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10' x 10' Indoor Walk-In Cooler +35, Insulated Floor, Heatcraft Pro3 Series Self Contained Top Mount Refrigeration System.

Actual Size: 9'8" X 9'8" X 7'6"

Standard Features
26-Gauge Panel - Exterior and interior, ceiling and side panels are 26-gauge, embossed galvanized steel.

Panel Gaskets - Foamed-in-place, exible vinyl gaskets assure vapor-tight panel joints.

4” Thick Insulation • Class 1, rigid, foamed- in-place, non-CFC urethane with minimum density of 2.2 pounds per cubic foot.  

Tongue and Groove ensures precise, leak-proof fit of all walls, ceiling, floor and door panels.

3 Cam-Locks Per Panel - Three cam-locks standard in vertical panels 7’6” high, four in 8’ or higher.  

Two Piece Heavy-duty, offset cam fasteners provide maximum locking ef ciency.  

Vapor Proof light fixture with plastic coated glass globe and includes 26 watt CFL that provides over 40 Lumens per watt.  

Stainless Steel Light Switch and Plate (weather-proof cover - standard on outdoor units)  

Brushed chrome finish accents heavy-duty cam-lift hinges - spring mechanism aids in closing door.
Standard Kason heavy-duty PathoGuard® antimicrobial nish on all lockable latches.

NSF approved dial thermometer in stainless steel case displays the interior temperature of the cabinet from -40o to 65o F (-40o to 18o C)

Chrome-plated Hydraulic Door Closer, ensures smooth, tight closure of the door.

Magnetic door gasket 

Adjustable, double-blade rubber gasket assures an air-tight seal and remains exible under extreme temperatures and heavy use.

10 year door and panel warranty

16-gauge stainless steel Floor
Floor panels are designed to withstand 700 pounds per square foot of evenly distributed weight.

Custom Options:

• Kickplate​​ • Trim/Closure Panel • Door Drip Cap • Coving​ • Corner Guard​
• Emergency Exit Bar • Digital Alarm Systems
• Zinc-plated Locking Bar • 14”x14” Vision Window
• Strip Curtain • Plywood Reinforced Floor Panel • Vinyl Bumper Rail • Treadplate Floor
• Roof Cap • Exterior/Interior Treadplate Ramp

Pre-packaged refrigeration units are sized for 'Typical’ or ‘Heavy’ load estimates based on customer specifications.

Standard Features:

Expandable or replaceable modular panels

4″-thick, class 1, NSF and UL recognized,

foamed-in-place urethane insulation

Tongue and groove panel edges with cam-lock fasteners

26-gauge, stucco-embossed galvanized steel interior and exterior

Foamed-in-place panel gaskets

16-gauge stainless steel floor

Flush in-fitting entrance door

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